Prime Cinemas Experiences

A show and a feast. Cine Bistro was designed for the movie lover with an appetite. A modern lounge features a buffet of international cuisine kept hot-and-ready and open popcorn and beverages for Cine Bistro ticket holders to cater their plates and head inside their theater, where they can relax and enjoy their movie with a delicious hot meal.

The best seats in the house! The Diamond experience provides you with the combination of the most advanced cinema technology and our largest screens in the house in a superior VIP treatment. Have your favorite food and beverage options delivered right to your seat with our concierge service, relax in your leather-wrapped reclining seat with a pillow and a blanket and get access to our modern and classy Diamond Lounge any time you please.

It’s time to experience movies with a plus. Our two PLUS theaters are equipped with the most advanced cinema technology to date. Bringing you an unprecedented image quality for a premium experience, PLUS+ THEATER will enhance your cinema experience like never before. The laser projector delivers exceptional image quality with outstanding 2D and 3D color brightness, uniformity, contrast and superior color performance. Don’t miss out on our laser screening - Simply ask to watch your movie in our PLUS+ THEATER.

Jordan’s most luxurious and innovative VIP cinema experience has finally arrived. With an exclusive lounge reserved for our VIP customers only, prepare to get transported to a world of premium comfort and luxury. Enjoy a wide selection of gourmet dining options such as our renowned SAKE Japanese restaurant and premium drinks and dishes ready to be delivered right to your seat using the innovative concierge service. Both VIP theaters are equipped with Italian leather-wrapped motorized reclining seats, each with their own table, pillow, and blanket. Arrive 30 minutes before the movie and prepare to get fully pampered in a one-of-a-kind luxurious experience that you will never want to leave. It is the ultimate VIP experience from beginning to end.